Acer aspire 3 a315-58g bios mod request

ok sir
And theres another problem when closing the lid it goes to sleep but cpu and gpu still running i can feel its very hot any idea to that sir

First time hear about such problem. Don’t know why your laptop behaves like this.

and the tdp in bios doesnt really apple well like goes to 17w what i put then after 10sec it goes to 10w stuck any idea sir last one lol

Open ThrottleStop and click Limits. This should show the reason.

here and please tell me what is causing it.



TS says its Power Limit 2. If you had already tweaked it with no result, try the following.

Hi, thank you very much sir that worked so well that my laptop pl2 is gone doesnt show yellow or red anymore now its going up to 25w in games but temps are not the best i orderd from aliexpress a heatpipe tall one and ptm 7950 i hope it helps and thank you for everything you done to me i really appreciate it sir i hope you have best life and heres some pic and really amazed of how it work that well after 2 months of working on it you came and fixed everything wrong in it i dont know how to thank you enough.


hello sir, just wanted to know do you have any modded bios for acer aspre 3 a315-53???

This model was released before 2020, so it needs a different unlock method. Let me know if you want to try.

yeah sure sir

Please provide a BIOS dump made by BACKUP_Tools22.

here you go sir i really appricate your work :slight_smile:

results22.rar (3.9 MB)


which one do i choose???

Click SET VARS. Reboot If there’s no error. Click FLASH.

ok sir

uhhh sir i dont know whats this i clicked on set vars it rebooted now flash doesnt work

Check if the FPTW64 file is present in the working dir. Antivirus could have deleted it.

yeah i found it now it got deleted from antivirus lmao

sir its same error without antivirus anything to fix