Acer Aspire A315-34 Bios Mod

I have an Acer Aspire A315-34 with an Intel Celeron N4020 - Gemini Lake based CPU.

Intel ME version as reported by HWinfo is 4.0 Build 1311 Hotfix 20.

I would like to ask if there is any way of someone explaining to me how to proceed in changing the BIOS parameters and enable : Overclocking of that incompetent chip, fan options and possibly any other advanced features to actually make it as a usable machine. I have followed some guides in this forum listed under the Intel-Converged-Security-Trusted-Execution-Engine-Drivers-Firmware-and-Tools forum page and I was able to extract a bin file using “CSTXE System Tools v4 r6” and then was able to load the bin file to the H20EZE.
Latest version of BIOS is 1.10 from Insyde H20
Apart from that I do not know what changes need to be made and how to be made. Can someone assist or provide me with a w - ay to edit the BIOS or the least make it for me not to mess everything up?