Acer aspire vn7-591g-70Rt bios flashing help!!!!

I have CH341A programmer and need to flash my bios since computer is not doing a POST and corrupted BIOS while doing a boot repair disk repair. Computer now is not displaying anything and fans are only running. I was wondering what would be the proper procedure since I have my motherboard laying outside and ready to flash. Do I simply put on the latest bios from the ACER website or do I have to first mod the the bios with proper values to make it work properly. I would love someone to guide me through this procedure and possibly let me know what is a good way to begin. I am familiar with the flashing procedure but am unsure if I would just use the listed BIOS or have to do something to the BIOS to make it work. If you need a BIOS dump of the corrupted BIOS also let me know before I begin. Thanx in advance and look forward to feedback. Any help appreciated!

Also if anyone could help me locate the bios chip on my motherboard as I am unsure if it’s on the bottom near to the cmos battery or on the top which I am kinda not thinking is the one. But if some one could let me know that would be great?