Acer Nitro 7 (AN715-51) [Request]

Hello everyone, I’m new, so I need your help.

So I need a modded BIOS for my laptop, because I would like to install Intel AX210 (that an AC-9560) in my pc, but I found out that I don’t have bluetooth, so maybe it can work in the advanced setting of the modded bios after my research.

But anyway, I would like to have a modded bios. (My laptop is no longer under warranty.)

Here are my specs:

Thank you for your understanding. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! My request is made through @Pythonic and it works great. Thanks a lot to him who helped me to do this, also, I highly recommend him if you need help, it’s on who will help you and find a solution, he is very fast. :wink:

Here is the picture of my modded BIOS menu:

But, my Intel AX210 doesn’t work except for WI-FI, either my knowledge is not advanced or I don’t have enough documentation, so it would be appreciated if you could help me (I don’t have bluetooth). ^^