Acer Predator Insyde BIOS mod PT315-53

Hello! Can some kind person please help me unlock this BIOS? Either advanced settings to be able to change RAM speeds and timings and/or enable XMP? And also removing SPD Write Protection so i can edit my new RAM? Despite working with computers for decades, i got caught in the trap of Laptop manufacturers being annoying and requiring my sticks to have the speed etc in JEDEC, though the kit does boot (Crucial Ballistix 3200MHz C16 32GB kit) they run at 2666 where the stock modules do run at 3200, though with horrible timings!

SPD Write Protection has been removed… But i would have to buy Thaiphoon Burner. I’m trying to return the RAM, but i’d still be interested in a BIOS unlock for advanced options and i’m sure many other people with these laptops would. It’s an Acer Predator Triton 300 PT315-53 and i’m on InsydeBIOS v1.12!