Acer Predator PH317-54 BIOS Help and Rename

Recently installed an optional update for insyde through windows update. Laptop now has BSOD and will not enter BIOS with any combination of setup keys. It will turn on, and the keyboard will light up, then restarts after about 15 seconds and does it again and again until I hold the power button and turn it off. There isn’t a predator screen, there isn’t a blue screen, just a blank black screen. I’ve tried external monitors, removing every component from motherboard I can and reinstalling them. I’ve been researching reflashing the BIOS but I cannot figure out what to rename the file as to get it to run. I’ve also seen conflicting reports of what button combo to use when trying to boot from USB. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

Model number is PH317-54-75K8. I can provide any other info upon request.

Don’t write anything over the bricked firmware before having a valid backup!

Buy a CH341 programmer, dump the bios, post the result. Regarding this process there’s a lot of information here in the forum, too.

(Unfortunately Vendors do offer firmware updates via Windows update as part of a security strategy…