ACER RS880M05 AMI bios chipset settings

hi there!

I tried modding the default BIOS for the mainboard RS880M05.
Used AMIBCP v3.46. Unfortunately it is not showing any hidden settings in the chipset section.

Is there another way to mod this so I get access to FSB/Memory customisation?

Appreciate any help!


ami2.jpg (656 KB)

@cruiser - So, you already know how to flash mod BIOS on this system? If yes, great, please link me to the stock BIOS download page at Acer
Also, what BIOS pages can you see, and which can you not? Sorry, it’s not clear what you need without being able to see the BIOS, images etc.

hi @Lost_N_BIOS !

As this is core8 AMI bios, I would assume regular AFUWIN/AFUDOS would work without extra tinkering, is that a wrong assumption?

The bios I attached is vanilla BIOS I took from my machine, and it matches that on Acer’s page P01.B4 for Veriton M430G:;-;

Basically, when I enter the BIOS, I see all the options that the screenshots above show.
I would like to see things like CPU/FSB settings, Voltage settings, FSB/memory ratio, CLK etc.

Strings dump from the BIOS shows items like ‘Overclocking Configuration’ or ‘CAS latency’ or ‘Memclock Value’ - and I am hoping there is a way to actually enable and use them.

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