Acer VN7-792G UBU

intel 100 series/c230 chipset
Aspire VN7-792G bios v1.10

this is an early report,regarding mostly UBU side.I have not tried manual UEFIT replacement yet

python version is 3.9.1,pip version 21.0.1,colorama 0.4.4,pltable 1.02
UBU is up to date with added UEFIreplace and latest MCE data
generated user microcodes
in short,everything looks good as it can gets

UBU is either not replacing the modules or replacing option is not available





microcode replace.jpg



FYI,Microsoft releasing microcodes updates regularly for Windows 10 since spectre incident.See Intel microcode updates for more information or Bleeping Computer report

I tried yesterday to flash the same bios version with VN7-792G with CH341a SPI-Programmer + clip, and it is crashed, verification process is not working. can not verifying. reading had worked it was stable I compared diefferent reading MD5 hash.
Writeing is also good, but verification is not working. I am asking, if there is also another bios chip that have information.
Can someone tell me how to flash the original bios with spi programmer? Original bios has bigger size then 8192KB, it is not allowing to write with Asprogrammer.

Can someone help me with giudelines how to programm with CH341a Programmer in this damn motherboard.

I could successfully with changed modifications write bios with spi programmer on the chip. But now the questions is, how to modify bios, that I can see advanced menu, and also to remove protection, that I not everytime write it
What should modify in Insyde H2OEZE editor? But as I changed defaults values in the bios, now H2OUVE also working.
Can someone tell me what should I modify in one of this Programs that I can see, advanced menu.
I hade also one fan damaged, and processor is working only with 800Mhz, I am not sure if it is connected with the damaged fan or with the bios something wrong.