ACPI_BIOS_ERROR when starting Windows 8 setup

Hello everyone, I need to install Windows 8.0 on my laptop, but during the installation process I encountered a number of problems.

When I start from a flash drive on which the Windows 8 Enterprise installation image is written, the computer reboots with an ACPI_BIOS_ERROR error.

When I tried to install from an already running system, an error appeared due to a lack of an NVME driver.

Which drivers should I integrate into the image and how? Laptop model: ASUS F509FA-BQ878

The following will fix it for Windows 8.0:

After you reach the desktop for the very first time, run a command prompt as an administrator to run this command: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

Restart and then press F8. The classic F8 options will show. Select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. You must do this every boot unless the modded ACPI.sys can be signed. And, this way is easier than having to hold shift as you press the restart button.