[ACPI Issue] XP on Panasonic Cf-54

Dear Friends,

i like to run win Xp on a Panasonic cf-54 MK2 with i5-6300U

I have an Image with XP but i have the problem with the ACPI 05a failure during booting,

the Image i have is run before on a Dell E6340, I can run the HDD every time back on the Dell, is there any solution to remove the ACPI failure without new Installation?

best regards

Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Since your ACPI problem cannot be solved by a BIOS modification, I have moved your request into the XP Sub-Forum and customized the thread title.
What you need to load/integrate is an ACPI driver, which is compatible with your modern Panasonic device.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Unless you absolutely need Skylake’s performance, get yourself a used CF-19 Mk7 or CF-31 Mk3/Mk4 instead. They’re cheap as shit these days and support XP natively.

Or if you insist on using XP on that 54: you need a modified acpi.sys

Dear Friends,

the xp starts

Many thanks for the help

but i need a driver for the lan and wlan,

i have an HDD with Win 7 32 bit and all work there,

how can i use the win 7 driver under XP, maybe somebody know it

best regards

WLAN support is going to be impossible under XP without swapping the module itself. And I can’t seem to think of any M.2 NGFF WLAN cards that support XP.