ACPI mod for Windows 7/Lenovo ideapad 3-15ITL6

I was wondering if anyone has an ACPI mod that will work with Windows 7 on the Lenovo ideapad 3-15ITL6? I tried the GeorgeKing fix from here: Vista/W2k8 x64 on Modern Hardware - Microsoft Windows Vista - Forums but it only works with Windows 8.0 on this laptop. When I try it with 7, I still get the A5 error, even after using NTlite to integrate it and disabling Driver Signature Enforcement.

The particular Windows 7 ISO that I use integrates the Windows 8.1 installer for the first half (the part where I can select partitions and what not), so no ACPI A5 error there. It isn’t until it restarts for the first time that it shows up, even with Driver Signature Enforcement disabled.

This type of laptop has 11th Gen Intel with no Legacy Mode and the BIOS reads simply as Lenovo. If you guys need any more information, please let me know and I will drop it! Thanks in advanced for your help!