Activate iGPU for Windows 7 installations

Hi all,

I never achieved to install Windows 7 running with my iGPU only on an ASUS P8z77 LX:
If Windows 7 is installed, the display just blinks twice after boot and windows won’t start. According to the Microsoft Support some Mainboard Manufacturers disallow the iGPU for Windows 7.

Someone knows, how to surpass this hack?

@jan771 :
The iGPU should work with Windows 7 as with all other WindowsOperating Systems.
Try the following:
1. Remove your discrete graphics card.
2. Connect your monitor to the DVI-D or HDMI Port of your mainboard’s I/O Panel.
3. Enter the “BOOT” section of the BIOS and set the CSM setting to “ENABLED” (just for the case, that an appropriate GopDriver module for your iGPU model is missing within the BIOS).