Add Above 4G Decoding to Asrock H110-HDV R3.0

Hello everyone,
I try to adding Above option 4G decoding for bios of Asrock H110 HDV R3.0.
I tried with AMIBCP Version 5.02 by changing the Access / Use option to USER but it failed, nothing display at BIOS setting. I also tried changing Failsafe and Optimal to Enabled but this way bricked BIOS (Mainboard not turn on).
I bought CH341A Programmer for recovery, but I still wanted to add Above 4G decoding to be able to use the Tesla GPU.
I attached the original BIOS in the rar file with the name H11MHDV37.rar. And the version I mod with myself with removing the Flash header by UBU is named: apr_H11MHDV37.rar

@Lost_N_BIOS If you are free, please help me a bit. Thank you very much.

Annotation 2021-01-24 122243.png

H11MHDV37.rar (5.68 MB)

apr_H11MHDV37.rar (5.68 MB)

any luck with this?