Add CPU Microcode for Intel 5218 ES QQ8M


I want to use an Intel 5218 ES QQ8M on a Cisco UCS C220 M5SX Server but I when I try to boot with this CPU, the Server says that it couldn’t detect any Memory.
According to Google has this CPU a CPUID of 50655 which should be included according to the UBU Tool in the BIOS.
Is there any way to make this CPU compatible with the BIOS, that it will be detected correctly or is this maybe another Error with the RAM?
On a Retail Intel Xeon Gold 6132 everything works without any issue with the same RAM.
I have also added the BIOS which I have extracted with the FPTW64 Tool because I couldn’t find yet the BIOS Chip on the Mainboard.

Thank you.

hitman20 (6.64 MB)

@hitman20 your best bet in this case is to try and flash the earliest firmware you can find . You may get lucky and your 5218 ES was supported in an earlier firmware version.

@IntelModder Thank you. If the older BIOS also doesn’t work, is there a chance to add it or is this not possible but I will try it first with a older BIOS, when I change the CPU to the 5218 ES.