Add CrScreenshotDxe to the BIOS

I have build CrScreenshotDxe and successfully load manualy from shell.
I create ffs and insert to BIOS but during boot it was not loaded.
How to add CrScreenshotDxe to BIOS?

@AlexSmirnov :
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You can use the free BIOS modding tool named UEFITool and follow the chapter “Insertion of the NVMe module” of my guide, which you can find within the start post of >this< thread. This guide is valid for the insertion of all natively not present DXE “Driver” BIOS modules.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

I use UEFITools and add module to the BIOS but module not loaded.
For create ffs I use .
How I can debug it?

Not all inserted DXE “Drivers” are automaticly loaded. Usually there has do be done more. >This< is, what our BIOS Guru CodeRush has written, when he got the info, that I was trying to get full NVMe support by simply inserting an NVMe.ffs file.

You should better ask the developer of that tool.

We build CrScreenshotDxe and get efi and dependancy files.
Now I need add it to BIOS, I will use UEFITools but for adding I need ffs.
What is step to create ffs?

This is a question, which is not interesting at all for “normal” users and can only be answered by BIOS Gurus. You may try to contact our Forum member Ethaniel.

Thank you.

Check out the FFS file from the repo:
I has a common format that may or may not e suitable for your EFI image. You can also construct FFS file from EFI as usual and then insert a DEPEX section from the repo before the PE image section using UEFITool.