Add Microcode Request to MSI X570 Godlike AND Unify BIOS\'s

Yes, they will.

OK, doing now
* Edit - Hey, I see that microcode is already in UBU folder for AM4, why didn’t you just add it with UBU?

It doesn’t give me any option to add it like Intel microcodes. :frowning:

OK, I will check. I don’t use UBU often to mod BIOS, so just assumed you could add like Intel… I wonder why you can’t? @SoniX

Never mind, I get error at top and it doesn’t even show the current microcodes (I hate all this new Python based stuff!)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 25, in <module>
import prettytable
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘prettytable’

* Note - Python 3.7 installed, PIP is upgraded to latest 20.0.something

* Edit - Installed pretty table, now more errors!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1043, in <module>
File “”, line 919, in mce_hdr
hdr_pt,hdr_pt_empty = mc_table([], False, 1)
File “”, line 884, in mc_table
AttributeError: module ‘prettytable’ has no attribute 'UNICODE_LINES’

So, for now, I’m done here, I can’t deal with this Python stuff. I knew they they added Python requirements to MCE it would be a huge issue for everyone, now I’m in that pile too

‘pip3 install prettytable’ and you need to get the MC Extractor Source Code from here and put all files it in the UBU Folder, the .zip, not the .rar with the exe.…

Yes, already did, see above - Except for the source code stuff you mentioned, Fernando does not mention any of that in the UBU setup/prepare info
Those files (x2) were already in the UBU folder, I replaced them, testing now

Might need to do ‘pip3 uninstall PLTable’ then ‘pip3 install PLTable’ as well to get version 1.0.2

OK, I will try next, thanks. See my edit above

OK working now, above was not required, but I did it anyway. Now, to see what’s going on here, if UBU can update microcode as you mentioned, then it should be able to add?!

Source code stuff needed then.

I mentioned needed to do that in the UBU thread if using Python recently.

I think source code stuff for MCE was the issue, why is that not included in UBU by default now, since python is the default method?
So yeah, I see what you mean, no way to add for AMD with UBU? SoniX will have to comment on this, have you asked him in the UBU thread?
I assume my addition was done correctly, but you never know, and that’s why I wanted to do with UBU to compare/see if similar etc.

It might be because without an AGESA update it might brick peeps trying to use the updated BIOS if they don’t have USB Flashback.

That should not be why UBU does not add microcodes for AMD, that kind of thing is to system specific and many systems/models are 100% compatible with lots of microcodes/CPU’s that may not be in the BIOS
I assume due to where they are stored and how, but this used to cause UBU to also not be able to update them too, but now it can, so it should also be able to add as well

@KedarWolf - Do you have an older version of 00A20F10, than the one you sent? If yes, send to me, thanks. I have a new test idea, but need older microcode first

@Lost_N_BIOS :

The problem is, that
a) my own knowledge about the MCE stuff is very limited,
b) the CPU Microcode update by the UBU tool doesn’t work anymore automaticly, but needs additional work by the user,
c) these additional requirements have been recently changed several times and
d) the currently latest UBU toolkit v1.79.9 doesn’t contain the latest file, which is obviously absolutely required to get the CPU Microcodes of some BIOSes been shown and updated by the UBU tool.
As a consequence it is not easy for me to keep the UBU guide regarding the CPU Microcode update up-to-date and easy to understand.
Since I have written the UBU Guide in September 2013 and supported it meanwhile for more than 7 years, I would be very grateful, if someone else would be able and willing to overtake the task.

@Fernando - Thanks! I was not sure how often or how much you used UBU, I assumed a lot since you wrote out that very in depth guide.
But yes, I know what you mean, and agree, updates/changes always add new messes
Sorry, I just always assumed you had covered all steps necessary there since it was such and in-depth guide, but yes, all this new stuff always adding more wrinkles to our ventures
All sorted now since post #28 anyway, so it’s Ok

I am not sure who would be good user to take over the UBU guide, why was it never SoniX from the start, did he just not have time to do + work on UBU itself?

I am OP on several threads on and including the Official GTX 1080 Ti one that has 18411 Posts.

Here is one I wrote from scratch.…tsc-2019.80038/

If you want me to take over the guide, I wouldn’t mind. :slight_smile:


I have issues with the BIOS the guy unlocked for me I don’t have with the same stock BIOS that isn’t unlocked.

What it is with the unlocked BIOS, I need to unplug my DP cable and leave only my second monitor HDMI cable in when I reboot or I get a VGA Error on my motherboard boot display and PC doesn’t boot.

The stock not unlocked BIOS doesn’t do this. I think when the guy unlocked it for me, he messed something up that causes the error.

You think you can unlock everything in the CBS and PBS menu for me, see if it fixes it? If you want to wait until you get the $20 Friday I’m okay with that. :slight_smile:

Here is the direct link to it.

Here are the menus.

@Fernando ^^ See #35

@KedarWolf - That could be settings issue, or vBIOS on the card etc. Odd stock would not do that, but mod would, are you sure it’s same BIOS version?
Did you load optimal after flashing in his mod BIOS, then save and reboot back to BIOS to make your other changes?

Yes, I can unlock CBS/PBS entire contents without any issues, provided you can see CBS/PBS by default?
I need to see ENTIRE contents of stock CBS/PBS, ALL Settings, top to bottom, on all submenus inside each one.
Please put all these images in a max compressed zip, thanks.

I do not need to wait on any donations or anything like that, you know me, I work for free as time permits, anything someone send to me is just an appreciated bonus

Here was what I was thinking, when I mentioned that above at edit in post #32 - >> 00A00F00 - Replace with >> 00A20F10 via hex
Then updated via UBU, in case any checksum corrections are to be made anywhere during this kind of update process.
I checked the module after, and it does not look like it, but could be elsewhere, and that is why I wanted to do this UBU test (since we cannot add w/ UBU)

If this also fails, then I think it pretty much confirms Agesa update needed here, and or other modules as well.…iew?usp=sharing

Lots of sub menus. Zip with max compression bigger than 6MB. :frowning:

@KedarWolf :

Thank you very much for your willingness to write a new UBU Guide and to keep it up-to date.
Since this is not the thread, where the future of the UBU tool guide should be discussed, I have asked today SoniX as the UBU maker, whether he is willing and able to do it himself (look >here<). We should wait for his answer and discuss the further details within the UBU Discussion thread.


Attached is the only earlier microcode like you suggested to try. (5.67 KB)