Add Microcode Request to MSI X570 Godlike AND Unify BIOS\'s

Can you add the included microcode to the two BIOS’s in the ZIP file?

RAM overclocking on AMD 5*** series is really messed up with the latest BIOS. This one OCs quite well. I’m hoping adding the microcode enables support for the CPUs. I believe the old AGESA in them should still work if the microcode is updated.

Both boards have BIOS Flashback and easy to fix if there are issues.

bios.bin is Godlike, bios1.bin is Unify.…iew?usp=sharing

@KedarWolf - Please link me to the stock BIOS download page for both boards, so I can grab stock BIOS and keep in proper folder (let me know which BIOS on each you want edited)
Then, upload ONLY the microcode you want added in. Thanks

The two BIOS’s are unlocked with the CBS menus etc. unlocked. The stock BIOS’s from the MSI website are not. Why I have it from my Google drive.

I want both edited.

I can add zips with the two unlocked BIOS’s and the microcode. The BIOS’s are unlocked but have the original file names. The TWO BIOS’s are too big to upload here, hence my Google drive.

And it wouldn’t let my attach the microcode directly. I had to make a zip file.…iew?usp=sharing…iew?usp=sharing

If you can unlock all the locked options in the original BIOS’s, I can link the originals from the MSI website instead.

Edit: Actually, if you can unlock the hidden options, that would be great. I spent hours Googling it and trying to figure it out myself. The guy that did it, some of the unlocked options are missing or not working.

And do you take donos? You’ve helped me a ton and I can drop a bit of money from time to time when you do. :slight_smile:

If you can unlock them and add the microcode. :slight_smile:

Edit: I have to link them directly, they were beta BIOS’s and there is no longer a link on the website, but if you add the BIOS file name to the end of they can be downloaded. (5.67 KB)

@KedarWolf - OK, I will use the BIOS you first linked above then since they are unlocked. What is missing still that you need, if you make a list I can further edit for those missing items
Yes, I send you a PM about donations, thanks for mentioning!!

First, lets do the microcode thing, I will edit the BIOS you originally linked, sorry I didn’t know they were pre-edited, and I wanted stock BIOS download page so I could save BIOS in a properly named folder and have proper BIOS file name.extension so BIOS would be M-Flash ready.
So, you want the microcode attached above (or in first link download folder), inserted into both, correct? If yes, OK, doing now and will edit in link in a bit

Yes, both BIOS’s the new microcode. The one’s I linked. Thank you.

These links from Google Drive have the original file names.

These ones are unlocked.…iew?usp=sharing…iew?usp=sharing

Just the microcode to start is good, so I can test they work.

I’ll give you $20 USD when I get paid at the end of a week.

And can unlock the CBS and PBS menus and everything in those menus in the original?

The ones I have unlocked not quite done right and some missing options.

Here are direct links to the original.

I brb, going to post pics of the improperly unlocked CBS and PBS menus in the ones I have, to give you an idea.

There are sub menus in the CBS menu but I think you can do it I’m sure without pics of everything.

Pics of menus in the spoiler.

Too late, already downloading your original link with BIOS/BIOS1 names
Yes, that is what I was thinking, lets do this microcode stuff first so you can check to see if that works for what you wanted or not. Then we could get into settings unlocking after that
CBS/PBS should already be visible yes?? If yes, then yes, anything inside I can make visible to you. I don’t need images of “improperly unlocked CBS/PBS” you can just tell me what you mean

Yes, the CBS and PBS are visible, brb, I get pics of the two items improperly unlocked.

The bios.bin bios1.bin fine, I use flashrom to flash them. :slight_smile:

The two highlighted items in red don’t open or show nothing when opened.

Do they Not open, or do they not show anything? If there is contents in there, then I can make visible for you, sometimes there is nothing inside some submenus, in such case they should be hidden from user to avoid this situation
I will look, as soon as I do the microcode thing. Who updated all the microcodes in these to begin with, or did stock BIOS come with latest microcodes already?

* Edit - Please show me image of HWINFO64 little CPU-z like window, so I can see what microcode is loaded with your current CPU (This CPU is supported by the BIOS, correct?)

The NVDIMM opens but doesn’t show anything, the 300/400/500 Chipset Common Options doesn’t open at all. :confused:

The microcodes were updated with UBU Tool but not including the new one I attached.

Thanks, please see my edit above

I don’t have my Zen 3 5950x yet so HWInfo will not help. But the Zen 3 microcode attached is the one for it. I’m trying to help MSI peeps that on the newest BIOS’s memory settings broken and get ready for when I get my new CPU maybe this week. Other board manufacturers do not have any issues with memory.

I preordered my 5950x at a store locally and new stock should be Nov. 12th.

MSI people can’t get above 3200MHz with the Zen 3 BIOS. Every other manufacturer getting 3800 no trouble.

Here is HWInfo with my current Zen 2 3950x though, an older microcode. (5.67 KB)

I wanted to see HWINFO64 with your current CPU AND the BIOS you sent me. If that is not above, please flash in the BIOS you sent me, then make new image.
Never mind, I see it is same/same, thanks! I see microcode version shown, same as the one in the BIOS you sent me.
Not sure what you’ve attached above??

Since you do not have CPU, any BIOS I send you will be pointless to test until you have CPU.
And, you’re working directly with MSI, or just MSI forum member? If MSI directly, wont they add microcode to BIOS for you?

What I’ve attached is the new Zen 3 BIOS I want added. It doesn’t include it in that BIOS.

Edit: I want some people I know with the CPUs to test it before I get mine, see if it works. They have BIOS Flashback so it’s safe to test.

I already have that microcode Not ideal to have others test that aren’t here discussing with us. I am not a pro at editing AMD BIOS, especially for this kind of microcode addition, BIOS may brick, are they ready for that?
Flashback works with fully bricked BIOS on MSI board? If yes, OK. I simply added via hex, and these microcodes are stored in unusual place and manner, so it may or may not work, or may not get loaded etc.
And, as you mentioned, which is probably likely, you probably also need Agesa update too (which I can’t do)
Here is mod BIOS, let me know once someone tests, thanks -…547488471265820

I flashed it with my 3950x and it never bricked my BIOS. So if someone cannot boot with a 5*** series CPU, BIOS Flashback WILL work. Waiting to see who tests it.

Well that is a good sign at least! Thanks for testing
Yes, still need someone with 5xxx CPU to test to see if the microcode is inserted correctly and loads or not.
But even then, if it fails to boot we will not know if microcode is loading correctly or not, or if the failed boot is simply due to needing Agesa update.

When will users your working with be able to test, tonight/tomorrow?

Never worked with a 5950x. :frowning: I’ll still send you $20 USD Friday though if you give me a dono link. :slight_smile:

@KedarWolf - Thanks for the update So, we still don’t know if Agesa update is needed here, or if that’s just not the right way to do a microcode insert/add on these BIOS
I could retry with UBU doing the addition if you want? If yes, do this, please tell me what version UBU you used to do the microcode updates initially and I will use that
Thanks for mentioning, I sent you donate info in PM on 11/8

I use UBU_v1_79_9

OK, I will make you one more set, using UBU to do the addition, if they want to test again? Do you think they will try another BIOS?