Adding extra power tables for Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti with 6 pin power connector

Hello, is it possible to hex edit or via Interactive Disassembler the BIOS to add extra power tables for provision of a 6 pin connectors. The reference GTX 750 Ti doesn’t have a 6 pin power connector so it doesn’t have the provision for it to use the internal PCI-E rail and internal PSU Rails? For example the reference GTX 750 Ti doesn’t have a 6 pin power connector so it doesn’t have those entries in the BIOS but a reference GTX 950 has it since it has a 6 pin connector. Would anyone give me some assistance to add it into the BIOS myself? Thanks

BTW this is what I mean

So could I just disassemble the vbios code from the GTX 950 and copy the relevant parts of the power table into the GTX 750 Ti? @CodeRush and @lordkag would you have any experience with this?

EDIT: Basically what I mean is that the GTX 750 Ti vBIOS is missing the PSU Rail table (provisions for 6-pin PCI-E power connector) so I want to know how I can copy the GTX 950 Power Table into my GTX 750 Ti Power Table.

I have attached the vBIOS files below (273 KB)

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The 950 is going to have a different board design, hence it has the 6-pin. also you would not be able to use the power profile unless it has a 6-pin rail going to it. it would be like trying to start a car with no battery.
the 6-pin rail delivers different voltage to different part of the card. altho you could probably google kepler tool, and download that. then you could just google the power profile for the 950 and copy and paste the profile values into kepler tool. But that being said there is no guarantee those values will allow the card to work properly. try this at your own risk. 750 to a 950 is a pretty risky jump.

Hello, my Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti has a 6-pin power connector. I am looking for help in copying the power tables from the GTX 950 vBIOS to the GTX 750 Ti to have better power delivery. It doesn’t have entries for 6-pin, and PSU Rail Tables. So I’m looking for someone to help me to copy the power table from the GTX 950 vBIOS to the GTX 750 Ti vBIOS and make it reference to it to have a better power delivery for better overclocking.