Adding Microcode to Dell Optiplex 3060 MFF

I would like to upgrade my Optiplex 3060 MFF to a 9th gen i5-9700t CPU, which isn’t currently supported by the 3060’s bios.

I am attempting to modify my bios to add the microcodes to support the new CPU. I have only just stumbled upon the idea that a bios can be modded so have been reading the site for the last day or so and I think I have a limited grasp of what is required.

My idea is to dump my current bios using FPT -bios -d biosreg.bin and then replacing the volume containing the microcodes with a volume extracted from the 3070 bios (that has the 9th gen microcodes) in a hex editor. The one slight complication is that following the microcodes is a BiosAc file. My idea here is to replace the one from the 3070 bios with the original one from my extracted bios - it’s at the end of the volume (apart from padding) so I am thinking that as long as the padding after is set to FFs correctly then this approach could work.

My question is about whether there are glaring errors in my thinking. I have very limited knowledge and sometimes that is dangerous. Do you see any problems with this approach? I can load my modded bios into UEFITool and it all seems to check out but I am conscious that there may be issues, like checksums that would prevent this from working, and potentially brick my system.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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