adding support of ES cpu after bios update sabertooth x79

I would need your expert help.
I am using asus sabertooth x79, was fine with stock bios, the older format, ver 1203, with es cpu.
then after hrs of pain i upgraded to 4701, with nvme module, foud in this forum.
system works, now with some test 6 core. already great help to boot pci-e disk, thak you!
But i need to modify this 4701, with added nvme support, to run my 8 core, ES cpu 0x206D2, QA91 3.00 ghz
I have no balls to perform that mod. hoping thats possible
Thanks in advace for any help.

Or if there is any straight forward way?
What about changes in new bios vs. old cpu stage - inmaturity?
Again 1203 was fine, and i think last officially supportin that cpu.
But nvme and updated bios code, seems to make sense, above the 1203. Thank you guys

guys please any help?

@joudnic - sorry I missed your post first time around!

Please upload for me the BIOS you used to flash to 4701, I will modify that for your CPU and then you USB Flashback in the new mod BIOS.

that would be nice!

see the 4701 attached, with nvme and other changes, i think microcodes updates. its file from this forum…cant quickly find the reference for it here.
But it can be any 4701 with support of nvme and the cpu mentioned bellow. any other reasonable updates would be great but not critical for me. Like if easy to have, OK.
Thanks a lot (4.89 MB)

@joudnic - Ahh! That BIOS, Been working on that past few days! Here, I just resolved issue and made new mod of that BIOS yesterday, you possibly were using one that had issue which affected some users
Here is new BIOS to replace original mod one you were using (For your reference) - [OFFER] ASUS Sabertooth X79 4801 beta BIOS (compl. updated incl. NVMe support [v4]) (12)

Now, here is that BIOS linked above with your ES 206D2 (+206D1 too, just in case) microcode added back in -…535076007315218
If this does not work, then you may also need to use that older ME FW Or possibly they removed other support or blocked somehow

thats 4801, not 4701, but no problem to test it, officially, 4801 only added more ram support to the mobo, ant that wasnt important to me.
OK will check and report back in 24hrs, now its bed time here hehe
thank you

That is 4701 BIOS, just 4801 thread title

ok, tested with bios usb button. blue led button blinking for several minutes. flashed 2x.
flashed i hope well, i see some bios agent setting that wasnt there before, i think. but date and settings kept from old bios…nevermind.
so beeted well with that sixcore non es. fine.
but swaped to 8 core ES, and nope nope.
CPU led red light. after while it shut down all fans, and start again, but no monitor screen popup.
tried cpu swap 2x.

any sugestion??
Thanks for your help so far, I do appreciate!!!
maybe is 0x206D2 really correct one for QA91 ? QA91 is prited on CPU, so thats for sure, cpuid, I am not sure, its taken form coretemp 0.99.8

Thanks for report back. I am not sure about microcode, I only did 206D2 based on your comment, I assume you already looked it up and found others saying that was correct one.
You may need to use old ME FW too, unsure.

Let me look around and see what I can find for QA91. How are you looking at this CPU with coretemp when you can’t boot from it? Coretemp may be incorrect.
If you have some system that boots this CPU, check in BIOS and see if microcode is shown there, if not run CPU-z and make a dump, and make a validation and upload that validation online and send me the link.

Never mind above >> From what I find in Google, it does look like that is correct CPUID, and no solution for this issue (including mod BIOS) except to stay on the older BIOS (Same for some Asus Z9PE boards too)

Ouch, really? Then itmeans to go back to .rom format, is that even possible to Flash back 1203? Usb or via bios tool? Thank you.

Yes, it can be done a few ways. Flash programmer would do it, but I think you can use USB Flashvack to do it too @agentx007 do you remember how ERALL.ROM works?
Ohh, never mind, here it’s outlined - &
Basically to Flash back to BIOS.ROM, Rename latest 1xxx.rom to ERALL.ROM and Use USB Flashback
For that to work, you need known compatible USB Flashback stick Hopefully that 16GB one you have will work, be sure to try it partitioned down to 1GB if it fails as is at 16GB FAT32