Advanced Bios Unlock Lenovo Legion 5 ARH05 (82B1000AUS)

Hello i had bios FSCN13WW running fine and updated to FSCN18WW 2 weeks ago.
Now all cores run with higher voltage and my cpu is +10-15°C hotter, not good.
I think lenovo did some changes to the bio, i dont think my hardware is damaged because in lenovo forums many people complain about this bios and increased temps.
I tried reflashing old bios but voltages still high and so are temps.
Is it possible to reverse these changes to default without flashing only through editing?
Can someone please guide me, i am willing to donate if i can get my laptop stop baking the cpu.

Can someone take a look or help me unlock advanced configuration so i can revert those changes lenovo did?
Thank you for your support
I cannot post links yet as this is my first post

Hi friend, it depends from many things, but to start it use this tool run it as Admin and upload the result file here :…ools20h.7z/file

We can use the RU shell to modify the NVRAM Variables and don’t flash anithing …
Let me know

i cannot post links yet but it said failed on everything

lets try now

results20.rar (42.8 KB)