AERO 15 OLED new official bios locked 9750h at 4ghz how can I unlock it

Dear @Lost_N_BIOS
First, allow me to express my thanks to your work.
Just like most of the users on the forum, i would like to unlock BIOS on my device but i am quiet unfamiliar to this part of work.
My device is GIGABYTE AERO 15 OLED XA(i7 9750h+rtx2070mq). Unfortunately, recent update patch decrease the performance of Max Turbo Frequency about 500mhz.
I have noticed that you have unlocked some other types of device(AERO 15 OLED YA, which is familiar to this one). So i would like to ask if you could help me work on this type of device.
I have already used FPT and extracted BIOS. It would be great if your could verify the integrity and mod the BIOS for me.
Please contact me if anything else is necessary for the work.
PS: please provide me with your email address and allow me to buy you a cup of coffee for all the great work you have done(an Amazon GiftCard). (3.5 MB) (5.78 MB)

your device does not need any immediate update
microcodes are not though,should not be problem if you are using windows10

AERO 15S OLED XA support

For Management Engine Updates go here

No, that’s a serious problem。

AERO 15S OLED XA based on bios FB09

dont forget to make a backup and reset cmos after flashing

Manufacturer - GIGABYTE
Model - AERO 15-W9
BIOS release - FB09 03/19/2020
BIOS platform - AMI Aptio 5

There are two versions for this PC P75VAFB09 - P75VAFD09

Follow this example to unlock your Eerpom (i know you unlocked it but to help all users we will leave the words) :

FPRR VarOffset - 0x1207

BIOS Lock VarOffset - 0xB4D…50440#pid150440

All files you need are into the Patch Mod …

Your variable is :

BIOS Lock VarOffset - 0xB4D

Doenload the tools get the EFI shell and rename .efi file to >> Shell.efi and copy into the USB Stick like into the example.
Then modify the NVRAM variable setting it to 0x00, after that you will use this Bios Mod for Bios Verision 3.10 ,
it has the FPT tool to make a backup / flash and UEFI Patch to modify your bios backup.
Unpack it and you’ll find more folder and program, choice the FPTw-V11 folder and execute the programs.
Run it by double cllick on Dump.bat program and then when it finisched on the Write.bat program and wait
that it will flash back your mod file into eeprom, here is the patch for any user :…09_Mod.rar/file

Here is your bios mod :…09_Mod.rar/file

Let me know