AFUDOS Problem Erasing Flash 0F8000 96%


i stuck at Flashing my Bios of an ASUS G70S with a Macronix MX29LV800CT Bios Chipset (AMI Bios non UEFI old one)

I tried several AFUDOS but always getting an Error at Erasing Flash or i get an Error 46: Problem Getting Flash Information.

It´s the OEM Bios not modded from Asus, and i need to overwrite the whole Bios (including NVRAM and Bootblock)

There is an Easy Flash Utility in the Bios itself but this won´t overwrite Bootblock or NVRAM.

It the latest Bios Version 207 from here:

I tried Afudos 2.28, 4.04, 4.14, 5.06.01 from Free-DOS USB Stick
Always this command:

Afudos G70SAS.207 /P /B /N