AFUWINx64.exe 3.01.xx

Hi there,

i am searching for this specific version (it could be that it is named 3.01.V02 but any other 3.01 version would do it). If anyone has a link or could upload it that would be great!


This one?

Afuwin 3.01.02 + Sony WBFlash (774 KB)

Thanks! But this is an alreay altered version for Foxconn which i already have. I wanted a unaltered version to compare them and see what AMI implemented/changed for Foxconn to understand why they gave them a special version.

Maybe someone already knows this or has some information about it?

The archive had WBFlash inside and Sony name, so it was taken from a Sony pack. I don’t know how this Foxconn modified ended up in a Sony pack, it could mean it was an OEM release only. You will have a hard time finding that old version of AFUWIN either way.