Again change interface, can not login to site

@ plutomaniac, @fernando
I create new account, but you do not hear me. Sorry. Now I can login, about 10 days. But interface…

Hello Michael,
what is wrong with the interface?
Why did you create a new account?
As soon as I know more about your problem, I will try to help.

@Fernando, my dear friend, about 10 days ago I was unable to log in. Then I created a new one, something like Michael_Code_without_Login. Under this name I wanted to reach you and Pluto.
Now everything has been restored. This happened simultaneously with the interface change.
Thank you, Dieter.

Hello Michael,

it is fine, that your Forum access problem has been solved.

Enjoy the Forum and stay healthy!
Greetings from Dieter

For your information, I am data processing engineer, also mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, but no animal doctor :slight_smile: I am without Google Translater, my second languase English, First Russian. I was born in Moskow 1964, next time, Serpukhov, RVSN, Phershing-2
I forgot, low bow for You!!!