AHCI driver for XP with C226 chipset?

I’ve searched for a definitive answer to this question, but haven’t found one, so please forgive what may be an obvious question:

If I buy a computer with an Intel C226 chipset, will I be able to to install XP in AHCI mode with the drivers available from this site, integrated with nLite?

I’ve used those drivers very successfully with older chipsets and XP, but I can’t tell whether or not there is any chance they will work with the C226 chipset.

Many thanks for any information.

@ emendelson:
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I am pretty sure, that you will get XP installed, if you integrate the "Universal 32bit Intel RST driver v11.2.0.1006 mod by Fernando", because I have added all missing HardwareIDs.
Note: Maybe you have to hit F5 when prompted to hit F6 at the beginning of the XP installation and choose the best suitable ACPI settimg, but this is a problem between the XP Setup and the ACPI settings of newer Intel chipsets and has nothing to do with the Intel AHCI driver.


Thank you, Fernando! I will press F6 during installation. If you have any idea of which menu option to choose after pressing F6, I would be grateful - I’ve always found that list a bit confusing when I’ve used it in the past with a floppy disk.

Also thank you again for your drivers. They have made it possible for me to use XP on three or four computers where I could not have installed without them.

You should integrate the driver by using nLite and not press F6!
Please reread my last post, where I recommended to press F5 (when prompted to press F6).

It is rather easy, if you know the DeviceID of the on-board Intel SATA AHCI Controller, because I added the related DeviceID to each option of the Intel SATA Controller list.

Sorry, Fernando! I read your post too quickly! I didn’t know about F5, and will use that. You’ve saved me a lot of grief and I’m about to go make a contribution.

You obviously have it already done - thank you for your donation!