Alienware 15 R3

Hi, guys.
I have bricked a 15 R3 by updating the BIOS while the CPU Performance Mode was on. The laptop powers on but it has the 7 beeps of death and no image.
I took it apart and found it has two chips, Winbond 25Q128FVSQ and Winbond 25Q80DVSIG.
I have ordered a replacement 25Q128FV that comes programmed with “cloned serial details”, as the ad says. I also have a CH341A black board programmer and a clip-on extension. I would like to flash the existing chip without de-soldering so I will mod the board to run only on 3.3V, measure the board level voltage and if it’s too low I will either hook up the 5V or power it from a PSU.
From reading the posts here I saw that I can not flash the existing chip that is on the board with a rom made from the BIOS file that I can download from Dell.
If I upload a dump of the original BIOS, one with the cloned details and all the info that I get from the stickers would it be possible to cook a specific rom for my laptop?
Or could you tell me how to do it myself?

Also, what is the downfall of running on a “cloned serial details” rom?