Alienware 17r4 and bios update failure

Hello everyone and good morning.
I have alienware 17 r4 when I bought that laptop seller saying “here was a problem with bios when I update it but I’ll fix it and better if you will not touch and update bios never or laptop can die” I read some post from that forum also I find that thread (com/t5859f12-Alienware-r-dead-after-bios-update.html) (sorry I new here and I can’t paste links) it’s looks like mine or same problem so I have a question what will be if I wanna update bios? Right now I have bios v 1.6.2 I think it’s really old version in official dell site I see v 1.11.0, if I download it and run will I have a chance to brick my laptop? I just haven’t that thing (CH341A + SOIC8) I wanna to update bios but it’s so scary, help anyone with advice please

@Lost_N_BIOS Sir, can you help with advice

@ArthurMorgan - If you are worried, purchase CH341A + SOIC8 / SOP8 test clip with cable first, then dump BIOS with programmer and let me check to be sure all OK. Then you can proceed with the BIOS update.
From what you describe, it sounds like that user just had bad luck, bad flash etc, and is now scared of updating BIOS. If you do not see a bunch of bad reports about xxx BIOS version bricking your model in google, then in normal situation updating the BIOS via standard method should be 100% OK

@Lost_N_BIOS ok, got it
Read some about new version bios and now I don’t wanna update to latest version
Seems like 1.8.1 better than all
I just have version 1.6.2 and I see in AWCC when laptop is running awcc show temp of CPU about 35-45c when I run some apps (not games I mean some new process like steam or etc.) my temp jumps to from 60-65 to 78-90 and fans runs on 45-50%, when I close process it’s insta fall to 35-45c degrees, but in that times laptop stay cool (I mean not hot) and I think it’s problem with that version bios

What is your CPU model? That sounds normal for some CPU, especially more modern ones, they heat up instantly hot and fast, then instant drop when you let off the load.

@Lost_N_BIOS cpu is i7-8750H
I find some ppl from Reddit with same laptop and ask them about that situation, guys have bios v 1.8.1 and 1.7.0 they doesn’t have that problem
Idk but right now in my room about 18-20 degrees, laptop stay on coolpad under AC on the wall, I turn on pc and run steam to download updates to games, awcc show temps about 35-38 CPU (GPU show 38 now and when download is on), when I start the download he instantly shows 67-72 on cpu and fans are run on 45%, when I pause download but don’t close steam app it’s show again a normal temperature about 35-38, seems like strange things