All Core Turbo - Asus X99 WS/IPMI - E5-2697v3

Hi !

I would like to have all core turbo enabled on the system below

Asus X99 WS/IPMI with bios 4001 (Latest as of today)
CPU Xeon E5-2697v3

I was happy to see somebody else asked the same exact question last year ( thread here : ) Unfortunately, all the BIOS files referred in this thread are not hosted anymore. Every link is dead.

So, instead of starting everything from scratch, and since a lot of the work has been already done I’m going to also refer the original poster @oddworld to see if he can host the file back and hope we don’t lose this file anymore :wink:

If any of you have these files around, feel free to share it.


Feel free to address to that specif user (@user) with ur request, IF it still have the desire to share that with u, as this is a free will user forum for shared knowledge, with no obligations to that matter.
Else u can post a REQUEST in the appropriate section and wait for that same good will of a fellow mate.