AM3 790GX microcode Update for AMD FX support

Good evening guys,

I am trying to update my CPU Microcodes of two AM3 Motherboards.
I have the bios Files, also extracted the AM3+ Microcode I needed out of the Asrock 890FX Deluxe 3 Beta Bios (and found some newer ones online in the database),
but I am not able to integrate the Patches, because MMTool refudes to read the patch files - I think because of the size of 2,53kb insteas of 1 to 2 kb usual.

Do You have any Idea how to bypass the size check? Or how I can integrate the microcodes by hand?…06_893C1544.bin…07_8187EA3E.bin

these two or at least the 600F12 should be integrated into the two bioses:…M(L1.93)

Do You think You can help me with that, or can give me a hint, what I am doing wrong?

Best regards

Adding microcode doesn’t add support for new CPU.

That’s an AM3 board.


The chipset doesn’t have dual plane VRM’s which is required to support AM3+. Also 780 was originally released for A64, so it’s pretty old.

Hi, the Chipset 760 (780L) have been used also for late AM3+ boards - I dont think, that is a chipset limitation. Same as 770. See for exampe some ASUS boards, or the ASROCK 770DE3L with AM3+ support and the same old Bios type, with AM3+ BETA , and also have the same Power phase design, according to the pictures.

Does anyone have an Idea? Is it possible just to add the modules additionaly to P6 Microcode module, or to replace it at all?
Did no one before updated AM3 Bios to gain AM3+ support, if the manufacturers missed to do so?

I answered you in PM how to add the microcode with MMTool. This has nothing to do with making CPU compatible, my answer about inserting microcode with MMTool.
If you want me to do it let me know, but I need answer about the CPUID question I asked you first if you want me to add them

It is definitely a chipset limitation. :slight_smile:
To clarify when I said 780 I meant the RD780 Northbridge (AMD’s codename) not the motherboard revision.
AM2/AM2+/AM3 boards generally have a 120w VRM limit due to the number of cores they needed to support. Mostly 2/4, or 6 with Phenom II X6 (140w).
Piledriver has a 220W draw under load, this requires 6+2+1 minimum, or 8+2+2 recommended. x+x is CPU/CPU NB (dual plane), the +1 is for the DRAM controller.
Your 790G has 4+1 phase, +1 being the DRAM . Even if you install & boot a Piledriver/Bulldozer they would run at half speed, the vrm’s simply cannot supply enough power. Vendors who claim a 120w tdp motherboard can support a 220w CPU are talking trash. You’ll be disappointed, the overclocking ability of Piledriver is a main selling point.

Go for a M5A97 Ev0 R2 min…(6+2+1)

I suspect I had one beer too many before posting the ^^^^above. I slightly misinformed you. Sorry. :wink:

In the above I incorrectly stated AM3 4+1 vrm aren’t dual plane (independent CPU Vcore/NB VDD regulation).
I said plane but was thinking phase.

4+1: NB VDD is single phase. CPU vrm is dual phase.
That should in theory halve to single phase once a quad core gets installed (one phase per core).
But the X4 a true quad core never had 4 independent planes, just two. (I may have to check whether this applies to AM3 vrm as well as AM2).

Also…7xx chipset was released for Phenom not Athlon64, however it supported A64. It also has 40pin IDE, which shows how old it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

AM2+/AM3 boards don’t support AM3+ specific power states or Turbo Core(disabled if overclocking).

VRM output is the biggest handicap though.

Good AM3 boards with VRM protection & at least some cooling can run Vishera but usually not well, locked clocks, stuttering or severe throttling are common complaints.

Entery level AM3/AM3+ gear and uncooled unprotected vrm’s can run Vishera too, until the VRM’s cook.
Might be a few months, weeks, or in the case of MSI;s 970A-G43 - days. lol

Fwiw one of my rigs is a Sabertooth R2.0 & 4.7Ghz FX8320.
I’ve also got an M5A97-Evo - that one’s gotta 4.2GHz PhenomII 955.
Both been clocked since 2012.

Before then I had M4A87, M3N78, M2N32-SLI Premium. Abit NF7…GA K8N etc etc, right back to Thunderbird… :()

AMD for life hahaha