AMD A88X Chipset and NVme support with Nvme.efi or alike

Someone tried to bring NVme support to AMD Mainboards? There are some pricy mainboards like ASUS A88X-Pro with PCI-e 3.0 support that could use NVme Driver in their Bios.

The only Mainboard that comes with NVMe Drivers included is the ASRock A88M-G/3.1, but it has only an M2 Port with PCIe 2.0 x4 Lanes, so not the best. You could only use the one PCI 3.0 x4 port that is meant for a Graphics Card.
Best would be to buy another PCIe 3.0 Mainboard and to flash the NVMe Drivers into it. Someone can try that?
AMD needs Support, they deliver very good value for money and are important in order to drive the hardware development. Once there is no more competition, Intel will start standing still and cash for the same CPUs with just a different socket (which is nearly the case).

Noone has an AMD PC and ist interested in NVme? That is bizarre…

Not all AMD Chipset users, who are interested in NVMe support, may have done a look into this thread…
Why don’t you test it yourself and report here, whether you succeeded ot not?

Well, some1 who knows the NvmeExpressDxE better could estimate, whether this module will work also with other Chipsets? At least, the Bios of the A88X is structured very similar to the ones of the Intel 6-8 Chipsets, so I could imagine it will do.

Well, good news:
Good News! All ASRock A88X Mainboards like A88M-G 3.1 Extreme Models and also the Fatility Model support NVMe regardless if they have an m2 Port or not. You can install a PCIe Adapter Card. You even can install Windows 10 on an Samsung 950 Pro in legacy boot mode, no fear of UEFI rootkits like that, I tested it.
By Stock, ASUS Models like the a88x Pro do NOT support NVMe, I checked it.

Hi everyone,

Very good news!!!
I can confirm that the asus crossblade ranger fm2+ a88x motherboard can in fact work with the samsung sm951 256g NVMe on a AIC (NVMe PCIe x4 to m.2 Add-In-Card) with a nvme v1.0 created bios from asus bios version 1802 (the latest version), as I have built the new bios to allow it to work. I followed the instructions from fernando’s guide located - Instructions Here: . I followed the instructions for creating a new bios file, as in fernando’s page. I could only get v1.0 nvme files to insert and work correctly but I will work on it further. This allowed the bios to see the samsung ssd as a NVMe drive directly. This probably means the 950 pro will also work! (Sorry I don’t have one at this time) as well as other NVMe drives! I installed windows 10 pro! Not one issue to speak of at this point. I have had it running for at least a couple months.