AMD AHCI ROM for FCH(Hudson, Bolton)

Hi guys,
I’ve modified the SB7/8/9xx AHCI ROM file for AMD’s FCH. It’s working well on a GB A75-D3H(Award) and FM1/FM2 ASRock(AMI UEFI) boards.
Not much faster than, but much faster than 3.0.C.2(just like the!
Device id 1002-4391(AMx southbride) -> 1022-7801(FMx southbridge).

For Award(Gigabyte), use CBROM198:
- release the old AHCI ROM, than insert the updated(renaming is recommened to ahci.bin)

for AMI UEFI, use UBU:
- replace “./UBU/Modules/AMD/7801a.bin”, in UEFI: Storage/AMD AHCI ROM should be enable to enjoy AHCI Hot-Swap.

Dropbox download link
Dropbox download link
MEGA download



@ vinibali:

Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thank you very much for your contribution and the download link to your modded AHCI ROM v3.2.1.0.
Users with an AMD Hudson/Bolton Fusion Controller Hubs (FCH) chipset will be very grateful, that you have customized the “normal” AMD AHCI ROM module v3.2.1.0 to make it usable with AMD FCH chipsets.
I will put a link to your post into the opener of >this< thread.

Thanks again!


I’m glad to help, it’s a great community! Also updated the first post, to be more informative.



Download links are dead, are you able to repost those modded modules ?


it’s updated now

Thanks @vinibali >> @Caylayron

Thank you @vinibali