AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY)

It does not work like this. Even if you add gop, in the bios you need to disable combatibility mode(csm) and i doubt that you can.

What laptop is that that use a 2019 gpu and don’t have gop already?

CSM is most definitely disabled
it’s just that the dGPU doesn’t support GOP, the iGPU does, which is connected to the internal display

The laptop boot initialization is done with the iGPU so they didnt put in bios an EFI GOP driver for the Radeon.

Anyway if that is the case he don’t need gop.
Also i thought that uefi gop 1.67-1.68-1.69 is only for polaris and below. He seems to have rdna card, or i am wrong?

This is not a problem at least for polaris cards:
Fixing ID for EFI image. No checksum correction is needed.

Removing unnecessary end padding.

Data after ROM and not part of EFI! Please report it!

Recovering extra data at the same offset 0x20000.

Yes, my ‘card’ is RDNA 1, I wanted to disable the iGPU and use an external display only, but I can’t access the UEFI BIOS with that

GOPUpd v1.9.6.5.k mod v0.5.2

  • Fixed: AMD GOP thx MeatWar

GOPUpd v1.9.6.5.k mod v0.5.1

  • Fixed: AMD GOP

GOPUpd v1.9.6.5.k mod v0.5.0

  • Added: AMDVBFlashDriverInstaller v1.1.0.0
  • Added: recompiled (VS 2022) GOPupd.exe|GOPupd.dat
    python37.dll|VCRUNTIME140.dll (Python v3.7.14)
  • Removed:
  • Updated: AtiFlash to v3.31
  • Updated: nvflash64 to v5.735.0


Thank you to everyone who continues to support the project!


When I drag and drop vbios_1638 to GOPUpd v1.9.6.5.k mod v0.5.1, I still can’t patch the GOP, the screenshot is as follows.

However, the device ID 1002:1638 is indeed included in the amd_gop_IDs_2. file

Just on version detection… as its seems to get updated anyway. (152.7 KB)


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The problem seems to be that the file does not contain a gop file.

I updated to the last GOP
When i open the new updated gop vbios again, with gop update tool it says the gop file is note present in my database and that i have the latest gop.

Also the gop that meatwar provides it has offset 0xE850 for 512kb vbios.
There exist also the offset 0xe858 offset for the normally 256kb bios.
Can you make an extra tool specically for me,with my gop that i provide?
bottom is the gop with the right offset for my card.
234393-256.rom_newGOP.rar (114.0 KB)

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They are in the zip.

vbios_1638.dat -
AMDGopDriver.efi -

If I understand you correctly, you tried to update a VBios file with a GOP Bios file.
This is not possible. Please use the UBU tool for Update Motherboard-VBios.

The mod_CW56-58.rom is up to date, there you can still update RAIDXpert2 v9.3.2-00130.

Not sure but i think is sharing, at least seems new, the vbios, old one was the GOP its already know.

I want to patch the GOP in AMD vbios_1638 to make this vbios file support UEFI

Has there been, by chance, any luck or attempts at getting this tool to support AMD UEFI v3.x that was introduced with the Radeon 6000 series?

I’m already working on a program that supports this.

preview GOPlab v0.1:


The test on my own RX 6800 was successful.
AMD Navi 21 is pending …
It will take a while …


The new RTX30 series graphics cards have not yet found a feasible way to flash the machine. By analyzing the Nvidia firmware upgrade tool, it is found that only certain versions are allowed to be upgraded, and the reason is unknown.


mailed you XD

will this support turing cards and above?

Only AMD, first RDNA 2 then 3 maybe also backwards 1.