AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY)

I’d try tagging @hellm (why is that not working properly for me?). He’s your man. Maybe he’ll reply here. Or you can track him down elsewhere( Though…he has replied to similar questioning in this thread with something to the effect of "open a hex editor and see what I did…then copy that".

Here’s AMD GOP for those who might want that.

AMD GOP (86.3 KB)

We are on the same team xD (RBRT) I wrote to him but probably he is on vacation???

Here is updated GOP Uefi Updater version (


- Added AMD GOP Uefi Table (Vega)
- Added AMD GOP Uefi Table (Old cards)

GOP_Updater_v1.9.6.5_d.rar (5.42 MB)


Hello :smiley: do you know how to patch 1.x AMD images? Because I posted an updated image (Rev. 23 2019.05:48:42)


Fixed. Thanks

I’m here… and once again i have the honor to copy the magic bytes the lord has given us…

…or did you, Sylar76, already applied the patch? Didn’t had the time to check, sry, anyway…

AMD GOP (57.6 KB)

AMD GOP Uefi Table i updated successful a rx580.


HI, I found two more WX9100 BIOS files, seems to be an earlier engineering sample?
Please trouble me again to help me fix GOP, thank you

PS: The video card I bought from ebay is still on the way from the United States to Taiwan.



113-D0510100-X06_4GB.rar (90.8 KB)

113-D0510100-X61_1GB.rar (91 KB)


Hi mate, I’ve checked bios you linked above and both don’t contain any gop uefi table. What are you thinking to do with one of them ?

Please explain better your problem.

Hi there,
I have checked my GPU BIOS and found these (same version, I don’t know the date):…980-4096-141126…980-4096-141226
If both of them say “UEFI Supported: Yes”, then does it mean that it has GOP UEFI table in it and can I boot in UEFI mode without problem?

After receiving the Vega FE today, the test results are as follows:

Reset-bug, like the BIOS of the Vega 56 flash WX8200
Refer to this discussion

Motherboard beep and black screen

Signature error, unable to FLASH

Only black screen

Because my screen only has HDMI, I use the DP to HDMI cable test.
I don’t know if it will affect the test results.
Maybe when I change to a new screen, I can test it better :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I’m here to report some of the output I got when trying to patch the vbios of my rtx2080 mobile.

I’m hoping to add uefi compatibility to my gpu for testing gpu passthrough with libvirt/qemu/ovmf. I would be passing it through libvirt instead of flashing it to the card itself.

attached file contains my dumped rom.

Name: 2080w_updGOP.rom
Size: 1116672 bytes (1090 KiB)
CRC32: BB3A7409



Besides the errors to report notifications, the only change that was concerning with the generated image was the missing inforom.

If there was anything else I can provide, please let me know!


To eliminate the need to reference the screenshots, the following output (red with notification to report) was provided:

There are other ROM images in this binary! Please report it!
Data after Nvidia special images! Please report it!
Unable to recover extra data at the same offset 0x68000! Please report it! (533 KB)

When i use this tool to try and update the GOP of my hd7970 the card wont boot in uefi mode

I Take it you cannot alter the BIOS mode clocks then merge a GOP, seems to break the signatures.

I still cannot figure out how to change the clocks in UEFI mode.

Hey Sylar,

Any chance we can get another update with the newest v1.xx series GOP?

EDIT: I also have found v2.8 as well for the newer series.

@D2theZ Added AMD GOP Uefi Table post 831.

Hello there! I have registered only to thank you for this tool and file(s). I successfully upgraded my uefi part of the vbios in my MSI R9 390X, from May 2014 to May 2019. It was so easy.

1. Created backup through AMD/ATI WinFlash, I prefer that instead of GPU-Z. It was 256kb instead of 128kb for some reason.
2. I used the .bat file by dragging the bios into it, but I forced to delete the .py file. It didn’t let me to operate the procedure.
3. Then I double checked both original and gop.update .bios files.
4. And, finally, I flashed the fresh file through AMD/ATI WinFlash.

All was so easy and went really smooth. Once again, thanks! Now I won’t ever worry for upgrading my PC in the near future without buying new gpu, as it is ready for any motherboard.!

AMD GOP Driver not yet added?


I’ve added it in the last gop uefi updater.


Hello there,

i’v download the lastest and unzip it. After this i delete the .py and use the gop updater with the v-bios of my his 270X mini.

The stock bios include AMD GOP dec 30 2013. With the update it is may 23 2019.

I’v try to flash the new bios with atiflash_293 with the windows ui and with the amdvbflash.exe in dos mode.

With “amdvbflash -p 0 Pitcairn_upGOP.rom -f” i got error 0FL01 " Can not flash a 0x length image into a 0x 20000 length rom!ROM not erased".

Is there anny way to resize the new update bios from 130kb to 128kb like the stock bios? I want to try an older GOP witch is maybe smaler but i didnt know to do.

Can you help me :slight_smile: ?

It may need running this command line by administrator’s right.