Amd hp255 g5 windows booting issue

i received hp255 g5 that is manufacturer unlocked, it loops windows os then crashes,weather doing a fresh install or using a ready installed windows OS(i have tried different windows os ,bios bins and nothing works ) …i tried partmargic os and it worked without any issue…buti want windows os to run… your help is appreciated…

If the issue still persist on a clean fresh valid OS image installation… them it maybe hw issue.
Memory or disc read/write operations…hw device initialization… Does the clean OS install finish correct or during the required reboots fails?

a clean install doesn’t finish it just loops and loops on the loading animation…but linux os works without fail

So its HW device initialisation from MS OS inbox driver to it… and the default supported OS seems to be W10 by HP specs.
If really no hw issue…that we still cant test (Linux is different OS and core driver manipulation), ill bet its the AMD/GPU driver… you must try yourself to debug the issue and isolate it.

EDIT: Fix…yeah ask HP/AMD… and i made a bet on the AMD driver NOT said thats this is your issue.
AMD system have no ME like Intel and this an issue outside any mods, the system works or not.
Many gpus/phc chipset with malfunctions and not entirely dead do a similar situation when loading drivers.

were can i start to fix if its the AMD/GPU issue, and is there anything like intel Me region in the AMD Configuration

ok , thanks for your time

here download iso

and RUFUS for create USB

GPT + UEFI !! in bios UEFI mode

or F1 for - system tools and diagnostic “hp tools for debug”
bios F36+ or similar – 22h2 “win 10 recommended”

if you have problem here “only in loading after installation”
try extract AMD drivers “gpu” and install this before installation :smiley:

my G7 works similar on windows drivers “gpu” works random.

,.,.in installation on disk selection – load custom drivers
or shift + f10 – CMD way