AMD miniIDE Driver

AMD miniIDE Driver for Windows Version

i found this driver in amd’s ‘amd-catalyst-omega-14.12-sb-sata-ahci-win8.1-win7.exe’ driver package(downloaded from amd).

file hash - MD5 - C82C490780A943C70C84F45BA5CA2BCA

if you want to use xp x64 but cannot find a ahci driver, run in ide mode instead.

i have used this driver on an A88X FM2+ motherboard(gigabyte ga-f2a88xm-ds2) without problems.


amd ide (165 KB)

Ok, but there is no need for a special AMD IDE driver to get Windows XP installed. The on-board MS IDE driver named PCIIDE.SYS will do the job as well, maybe even better.

so i have heard Fernando, but i am anal about such things. you can find this driver by using various driver scanner/update tools, you never really know their true origin, its very rare to find it direct from amd, i never find it in amds driver packages, but seeing as it magically appeared in an official package direct from amd, i thought i would share.


Ok, but it has nothing to do with the topic of this Sub-Forum. There are IDE drivers from several chipset manufacturers, bot none of them are required to get an OS installed.

ok, sorry about that.