AMD Radeon Graphics driver+Driver pack for Windows Vista

This is huge! I can be proud to say the AMD Radeon Graphics driver for Windows Vista is finally available. There are also several other drivers that work with Vista that are usually bundled with hardware that features support for Windows 7 as well as the AMD Vista chipset drivers which still work with AMD Radeon’s. To make this significantly easier for everyone, I included everything in a simple driver pack. Make sure Extended Kernel latest release is installed before installing graphics driver! You can get everything here: AMD_Assorted_Drivers_Pack

Most of these will also work with Windows XP x64 edition as well. The included ACPI.SY_ needs to be extracted with 7zip and integrated into an XP 64-bit media. The drivers that I could not get working under XP, despite their Vista success was: AMD IOMMU, PSP 2.0, and Realtek Card reader. The others like SMBus and USB 3.0 worked just fine. The graphics driver obviously does not work with XP, and trying to port it to XP’s XDM (pre-WDDM) driver module may be hard to do.

I hope these drivers are of use to people. Also, if your specific Radeon/chipset device is not in any of the INFs, a simple INF mod to add in references to it will suffice, after which you can install away. Also note, these are considered Beta drivers, but no problems, knock on wood, have been reported. Please also note I did not mod the Radeon Graphics driver. Credit goes to K4Sum1 for that.

You did well, thums to you.