Amd sb710 raid notifications and raid access via RaidXpert

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I’ve installed in a server of client of mine which already had a primary 128GB ssd drive and win7 64 bit OS, 2 more 1TB seagte drives in a RAID 1 configuration using latest raid drivers and Raidxpert software from AMD site.
The thing is that from time to time the Raidxpert won’t open (Gives Java texted Error 500), So I repair the installation and then it let me access the Raidxpert web console.
The raid seems to work fine, But i’m afraid that when there will be troubles with one of the drive, I won’t see any info about it because Raidxpert doesn’t open every now and then.
I wanted to ask if there will be some kind of windows notification via the AMD raid driver (not via Raidxpert - but from driver/windows itself) if one of the RAID 1 drives will fail ?
I can’t also set email notification to gmail in Raidxpert (Cant set SSL for gmail servers). Is there a way to make it work with gmail except from forwarding it via another mail service ?

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Unfortunately I cannot help you myself, because I don’t have any experience with an AMD RAID system, but I hope, the you will get support here by anyone else.


Thank you for the greetings Fernando :slight_smile:
i might just add that I’m talking about this motherboard :…x?pid=3276#bios
With the latest bios (F14)