AMD Vega 11 vRAM Increase over 3 GB

I have a B450M-A ASUS board with Ryzen 5 3400G installed on it + extremely crazy OC DDR4 Memory 3733 cl14 with every timing tweaked properly as well while GPU underclocked to 1134 MHz… anyway I want to try Ethereum mining on this thing since the vRAM speed is not bad at all, but ASUS mobo allow only for 3 GB max vRAM allocation while other boards like Gigabyte allow as much as RAM size btw. I need help to mod the bios of this motherboard to be able to increase that to at least 5 GB to be over DAG file size (in order to mine minimum vRAM have to be 4.5 GB).

I will dedicate 48 hours mining for the one who help me out in this project

@Lost_N_BIOS I know you can help we missed you since January