Ami Aptio 5 bios dump, change to default values

I have problem with mi Ami Aptio 5 UEFI bios.

Long story short, I foolisly disabled USB support (EHCI, XHCI…) and now I can not operate with tablet since nothing on USB ports work. And damn tablet does not have reset switch, button, jumper, battery remove did also not help.

Ta tablet is Odyn Windesk plus 3G V2, Intel Atom tablet with win 10 installed.

So far what I managed to is:

1. Make bios dump with SPI programmer CH341A and AsProgramer 1,41
2. Installed software on my laptop for managing Ami Aptio 5 bios (UEFITool NE A58, MMTool 5.02.0025, AmiBCP 5.02.0031 and HxD
3. Surf through forums for posssible solution
4. I also found same tablet and try to swap bios chip but the tablet wasn’t working, but works again with original chip.

Now I don,t know what to do next, I was thinking about clearing NVRAM volume on bios chip? Do I assume correctly that volume will be populated with default values?
I need advice from professional. Or maybe find settings for USB and edit hex code to enable it.

More info about device:
Device: Odys Windwsk plus 3G v2
Bios: Ami Aptio 5 version
Bios chip: Winbond 25Q64FWIG
Motherboard info: ME_I8_v3.0

Thank you for your help.

I uploaded bios dump.



original_postim.rar (2.66 MB)

Post bios

bios dump added.

You should be a 100% sure that this dump is a correct dump! Did you read it more than once an compared results and they were identical?

Work on a copy of your original dump!

Open bios in UEFItoolNE:


Goto NVRAM, expand, see StdDefaults in the beginning and GUID store in the end, leave the untouched!



Use HxD, delete everything between 770368h and 787EC0h, fill with FF. GUID store should still start at 787EC0h, Padding should still start at 788000h

But there’s a flaw: GUID store is partly in padding and only last line is in GUID store. But it worked here, too:
Help needed please with Utech UT-W800 Atom Windows 10 tablet corrupted BIOS/NV Ram

Maybe I’ll see into that a little later…

Hello lfb6,

thank you for your assistance,

I’m NOT 100% sure about correct dump. I will make new dump according to your guidance (3 dumps and then I’ll check hash values if they are equal.) Than I’ll fix values between 770368h and 787EC0h with FF using HxD and check the correct start of GUID store at 787EC0h and padding at 788000h with UEFItool.

I believe about the flaw in BIOS, because missing reset switch is Mobo design flaw too, all this Intel Atom Windows 10 tablets without reset button are crapy and should be prohibited by law. :slight_smile:

I will post back with results tomorrow, but I’m quite confident about your solution.


Hello lfb6,

Ii’s working, BIOS was reset to stdDefaults, USB is working now. thank you for your help.


Good to hear! Thanks for the feedback

I thought the GUID store would be static, contaning a defined list of GUIDs, but that seems to be wrong.

Seems the correct way is that it’s built bottom up and the position of the last line defines the end of the store. Would mean one should possibly change the procedure from

Use HxD, delete everything between 770368h and 787EC0h, fill with FF. GUID store should still start at 787EC0h, Padding should still start at 788000h to

Use HxD, delete everything between 770368h and 787FEFh, fill with FF. GUID store should still end at 787FFFh, Padding should still start at 788000h

Result should look like this, only difference is that the empty space between NVRAM entries and GUID store now really is empty…