AMI Aptio Windows 7 ACPI compliance fix


Just bought my son a new ASUS ROG G20AJ with the above bios and I’ve discovered there is an issue with the bios preventing legacy OS’s such as Windows 7 from being installed.
This is a common problem found with newer PC’s and a lot of manufacturer’s are providing a bios update to enable Windows 7, but it seems Asus do not want to help.
Is this something an end user (or expert on here) could maybe help with?


From what I’m reading, this might be as simple as a modification to the ACPI table’s stored in the BIOS firmware image.
I’m a proficient programmer and web developer, but I don’t where to start with this one :-/

Ok, digging a little deeper, this was the error I was seeing…
(0x00000005, Parameter2, Parameter3, Parameter4):
The _PRW referenced must contain at least two elements. When queried, the _PRW indicated that it was incomplete.
Which tells me that some power states are missing?
If I recall, when looking in the bios, it did not have the usual S1, S3 states, but a new one called S5.

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