AMI BIOS MODDING problem Chinese no name motherboord

Hello, I’m a bit new to this modding BIOS chip thing, and I guess I got into it pretty hard since I ended up with a horribly made Chinese motherboard from a sketchy computer manufacturer. The BIOS is closed off, with no advanced options or flash recovery option. Well, I dumped the BIOS and modified it, but I ran into an issue: the ROM needs a name, and the motherboard itself doesn’t have any identifying information such as a name, manufacturer, or version.

I’ve checked system information, CMD, BIOS, and some programs, but it always shows ‘N/A’ for Manufacturer and ‘N/A (U3E1)’ for Model. I’m not too sure what to do, and I’m stuck. It’s not really that important, as this is not going to be my main PC in any way.

computer seller BITECOOL halobook

Full motherboard info
Manufacturer N/A
Model N/A (U3E1)
Version Default string
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model ID4E24
Chipset Revision 00
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model ID4D87
Southbridge Revision 01
Brand AMI
Version J201L.L0.L14P0M12.3207
Date 2/1/2023

Also here is my BIOS files

not modded BIOS:8 MB file on MEGA

modded BIOS:8 MB file on MEGA

If you have experience in this type of thing, would you mind checking my modded BIOS to see if it’s safe to be flashed?
Thank you

If anyone that doesn’t have a nameless motherboard want to know how to modify a AMI bios heres a link to the guide [Guide] Manual AMI UEFI BIOS Modding credit to Guru for getting me this far.

I decided to look around some more and can’t find the name to put for the BIOS

The original (not a dump) bios update file from the manufacturer/OEM(BITECOOL) could be encapsulated and i checked your dump, it contains the AMI v2 protection, SVN and ACM RSA.

What you could try for flashing a mod, is using the Intel FPT tool from the correct ME FW package of your system ME version, to dump again, mod and try to write it.
This of course if the regions can be accessible for writing it back.
FPT doesn’t care what is told to write on the SPI, bad or wrong.

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thank you