AMI Modify BIOS for auto power on Intel Z3735F stick PC

I have a couple of Intel Z3735F based HDMI sticks -
1) Meegopad T02
2) Wintel W5

Both have same specifications except w5 has a mini fan for cooling & T02 does not. Both have AMI 32bit UEFI BIOS with same version number. The only difference I could spot was in CPU microcode version.

T02 BIOS supports auto power on whereas W5 does not. But due to the fan, I use W5 more and wanted auto power on (connect to power supply and stick should start without pressing the button) in W5 as well. So I thought of putting the BIOS from T02 into W5 using fptw. Luckily, W5 now has auto power on and all things are working fine except sound.

With original W5 BIOS, in device manager I can see an Intel SST Device and Realtek I2S audio codec. But with T02 BIOS in W5, I don’t see any sound devices in device manager & no playback devices.

So now I am wondering is there some way to modify W5 BIOS with T02 Auto power feature or modify T02 BIOS with W5 sound feature.

I am very new to BIOS modding but very eager to learn. I would be happy to provide any more details as required by anyone who can help me.

I don’t know but files are not uploading for me in this post so here are external links to BIOS bin
W5 BIOS -…d74124961087714
T02 BIOS -…5b33f1f1134c458

Thank You