AMIBCP and Efiflash problem

Hello everyone

I’ve got a new motherboard from Gigabyte, the J1900N, firmware Aptio V. I want to modify the default/optimized values. I downloaded the last version of the firmware >here<, it’s a compressed executable (you know that better than me) which contains the firmware + efiflash.exe

I open the firmware with AMIBCP (5.01), modify the default/optimized values and save. AMIBCP re-open the saved file correctly.

Then I try to flash it with efiflash.exe. When I try to run efiflash, it prompts me the message: “!! Invalid BIOS image !!”. I cannot use QFLASH because this firmware does not have it. >These guys< seems to have the same problem, but I can’t read it because my chinese is a bit… rusty. Google Translate helps a little.

Maybe I could follow @CodeRush 's tutorial (>this< one I mean).

What do you think guys? Do you ever had a similar problem?

Thank you in advance

I followed @CodeRush and I was able to flash the modified version of my firmware.
It seems I was wrong: it’s Aptio IV, not V. However, only AMIBCP 5.01 was able to open it.

AMIBCP, that’s the problem. I open the extracted backup.rom, I changed the default values and I save it. Then I flash it. When a CMOS reset occurs, it reset the values at -what the firmware wants-. Values different from fail-safe and optimized, and different from my configuration. Eg. SATA Mode goes in ACHI instead on staying in IDE mode (it is IDE mode in both fail-safe and optimized).

Another thing: AMIBCP let me view all settings twice. Once in SETUP->Main->(unnamed folder) there’s a list of all the configurations, and SETUP there’s also all the other folders/menu that contains the options. Eg. I can found SATA Mode in both:
- SETUP > Main > unnamed folder > SATA Mode
- SETUP > Advanced Configuration > IDE Configuration > Sata Mode

Any idea?
Thank you in advance

This BIOS is definitely AptioV, and AFU method is not suitable for it (even if it seems to work, it makes the BIOS go nuts).
Please get yourself a simple hardware SPI flasher (seach for CH341A on Ebay) and forget about that software flashing crap.

The most popular seems incompatible with my flash model (MX25U6435F). However, it works on: MX25L512, MX25L1005, MX25L2005,MX25L4005, MX25L8005, MX25L1605, MX25L3205, MX25L6405, MX25L6445,MX25L6405 (SOP16).

Do you think I should try to use this flasher? I cannot find another one which clearly says "compatible with MX25U6435F".

Give it a try, it’s not as good as some high-quality programmers like DediProg, but it’s only $5 after all.