AMIBCP Bios editing question about editing strings

AMIBCP Bios editing question about editing strings
I edit strings and change 1333Mhz to 2666Mhz , this will work or simply I changed only text ?

Its an NVRAM default in AMI bios core, limited/controlled by chipset, cpu and modules, do not presume that ull get wotever u want from it, pass the compatibility of the HW generation.
Anything else, nothing like testing and see wot u can get from it…

notebook name or device name ?? and RAM OC ??
in AMIBCP - not change this "only try unlock OC TAB" or RAM - SA DOMAIN

some notebook have "combo key" for unlock ADMIN ACESS - here is all ""MSI""

if it’s about RAM OC
still in terms of “ram” an occasional problem :smiley:
1333mhz DDR “double data rate” - is 2666mhz speed for this ram

some programs or bios report these values differently

Eh… I by mistake burn bios chip :confused: I noticed now CH341 can program 3,3V not 1,8V I ordered new chip and adapter for 1,8V

values in Bios
Original New
1333 2400
1666 2666
1866 2866
2133 3000
2400 3200

This is for DIY Mini PC based on HP Laptop board with Ryzen 2500U ram speeds will make difference here I already tested it at 55W TDP and CPU always keep max clocks temps only 70C Passmark CPU score 8725 Single thread 2017 TDP change alone give +30% :wink:

I already have also in shipping Ryzen 5 2600H board original bios limit 2666Mhz CPU can support max to 3200Mhz AMD specification this two CPUs are physically identical only different clocks.

I wish I can can add iGPU / GFX clock OC from desktop boards +20% performance without off touching voltages default Voltages is 1,25V if Monitor show correctly at this values Ryzen 5 2400G desktop version can run 1550Mhz on iGPU ;/