AMIBCP unable to open ROM

I’m trying to edit an AMI BIOS that, according to MMtool, is based on Core v8. When trying either AMIBCP 4.55 or 5.02 I get an error: “Couldn’t open the file”. I’m unsure which version of AMIBCP to use with my BIOS? Specifically it’s the BIOS of an HP t510 thin client.

AMI Core 8 uses AMIBCP 3.x as its a legacy bios, not UEFI used in 4.x or 5.x

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Thanks, indeed opens instantly now. Follow-up question on what I’m actually trying to achieve… The device has both an IDE and SATA port. When you connect both devices, it only shows the SATA device as boot device, while I’m trying to boot from IDE. I’d like to add the option to select which HDD to boot from, a feature that older BIOS’es used to have iirc. But I see no pointers in any guide to achieve this…?

You cant “ADD” new strings/variables to the core of the bios code… at least in the mod community outside an engineering lab…do you have bios build/coder friend who works with such area? You can only work with what is present in the code, locked(Invisible) to try the unlock.

I was afraid of that :stuck_out_tongue: I was hoping this feature would be hidden somewhere in the AMI BIOS code and I was just overlooking it.


I’m having the same problem. The bios is an aptio 2 of a modified ECS motherboard, H61H2-M2. Could anyone tell me which version of AMIBCP I should use?

By the way, I would like to change some default bios values. The default value of this motherboard is IDE Mode, I would like to leave it in AHCI Mode. Can AMIBCP do this?


AMIBCP 4.x if its UEFI bios, legacy bios only 3.x
Do not change the default settings, instead only giving USER access to string and later selecting it in bios settings, as long as AHCI mode is present.
Its means that if it is by default IDE leave as it is, do not change to AHCI, this would require manual editing another module in bios, that AMIBCP cant do it.

This motherboard is a rebranded ECS board. The original bios (stock) won’t boot with an offboard graphics card and a 3rd generation iCore processor. The original bios comes configured in AHCI mode and comes with the PK Key installed. If you reset the bios, for some reason, windows won’t boot. The user doesn’t know how to configure the bios.

I was able to change these default values with AMIBCP_4.55. Now I will rewrite the bios with a hardware programmer and test the modified bios.

Thanks for the help!