AN515-45 BIOS unlocking question

hello, I have an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-45 with default BIOS
Acer issued an updated BIOS with .exe file
my question is, is it possible to modify this .exe file, so when I run it from inside windows it will flash the BIOS with the modified version?
my aim is to unlock the advanced settings so I can better control what’s going on in my system. thank you

Hi friend, it’s more easy to use Intel FPT Tool for Intel CPU and an SPI Programmer (easy and cheap) than try to patch all …
Use this tool and run is as Admin , then upoad the result file here :…ools20h.7z/file

Let me know

umm…, my laptop came with ryzen 5800H and I know SPI programmer is cheap. but unfortunately you didn’t answer my question.