Any Array Controller Pass TRIM Command To RAID5 SSD Array?

Anyone know of an array controller that will pass the TRIM command to a RAID5 SSD array?

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According to my knowledge certain Intel SATA RAID Controllers let the TRIM command pass through into
a) SSDs, which are not part of a RAID array,
b) RAID0 arrays of modern Intel chipsets from 7-Series up and
c) RAID1 arrays of certain Intel RSTe SATA RAID Controllers.
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Anyone know if Windows 10 will pass TRIM commands to SSDs that are part of a RAID 5 created using Storage Spaces?


@Farmer_Ted :
Since you started already another thread with a rather similar topic, I have moved your new post into this already existing thread.
My answer has already been posted previously (see above).
By the way: The TRIM support doesn’t depend on the SSD manufacturer or model.

This is what I ended up doing…

To ensure the OS would send TRIM commands to my SSDs, I setup a “Storage Space” array via Win10, figuring the overhead of read/write/parity would be minimized by the higher IOPS of the SSDs in the array.

Storage Space’s default configuration does not allow for an accurate “RAID 5” array to be created. There is wasted space. I followed the following MS TN article on creating the RAID 5 array using P$:

To TRIM the array, just use MS’ Defrag utility from Windows 10. This can be done for any chipset motherboard (AMD or Intel).

Don’t know about Win7 or Win8.x; however.