Any chance/help with getting Win2k3/XP 64 working on Intel's X299 platform? (and maybe AMDs X399 equivalent to?)


Is there any chance of getting Win2k3 64 working on Intel’s X299 platform? (and maybe AMDs respective X399… Though the one I’m target is Intel’s X299 at the moment)

I’ve tried several attempts to get it to boot on my Gigabyte Designare X299 board… With everything in the UEFI config turned off that may seem like it’d cause an issue, and the processor only running on one of it’s ten cores, with SMT(hyperthreading), Turbo Core and other misc power saving features turned off. (I’m running a 10 core 9820 Skylake X part with the board)

I’ve also tried replacing the original ACPI driver file, With Danel_K’s modified ACPI drivers… Though those don’t seem to have much of an effect either… Windows will still repeatedly throw a blue screen with the familiar A5 error with the first parameter of D, Once the setup program has finished loading drivers and attempts to “start” windows. The motherboards status LEDs also display an error code of 06… Which is also the same error code I get, when I attempt to run the 32 bit version of Windows 7 to… Which while boots… Quickly hangs after it brings up the first window of the setup program.

I’ve done some searching around the internet… And it seems other people are having the same problems with t to get XP/2003 32 and 64 and the 32 bit version of 7 working on there X299 boards as well.

If anyone has an ideas about what else I could try out here… That’d be great! I’m quite willing to use my X299 system as a test platform for this… If anyone here feels like giving this a shot… If Intel’s X299 and AMDs X399 based boards are going to be the last “high end” swan song for WinNT 5.2 64, Then lets make it a damn good one.

I too, am interested in this.
I have heard that threadripper still has ACPI BSODs on XP but I don’t have a threadripper system to test for myself.