Any good Performance Guides for NVMe SSDs and Windows 10 Fall Creators Build 1709 Update?


I just left Linux after a long time away from Windows and wondering if anyone has any good tweaks to improve system performance beyond the normal tweaks?

My system is a 4Ghz Intel 6 core Xeon X5650 (20x200), 12GB of DDR3@1600, Windows 10 Pro 1709, all running on a Samsung SM961 NVMe SSD. I have the SSD on PCIe x16 slot #3, so it should be full x4 of course. I installed Samsung NVMe drivers 2.2 as well. What I have not been able to do is find a firmware update, although the Lenovo 6L6Q (for the exact same SM961) looks to be possible but I’m too scared to try it, lol. I have not done any SSD system tweaks yet, if any exist.

So any good performance tweaks recommended from this community? I can’t seem to find a forum thread for performance tweaks. Back in the Windows 7 days there were tons of performance guides for SATA SSDs, but NVMe SSDs don’t seem to get any attention. Maybe they just don’t need tweaks???


@SkOrPn :
All tips, which I have published within the start post of >this< thread, are valid for NVMe SSSs as well.
Only difference: Instead of installing the “best” AHCI driver (point 7) you have to install the best NVMe driver.

Yeah, I noticed that many updated guides are claiming Operating Systems are doing a much better job on their own these days. Many of the old tweaks no longer seem required any more. One of the settings I have not tried is the “write-cache” thing, simply because I do not have a UPS any more and we are prone to frequent power outages (just had one 5 minutes ago too). Maybe some day in the future we will get a Tesla battery for our house.

Thanks for the tips Fernando, not sure why I couldn’t find that thread on my own even though I have seen it before.